Madrid Soundscape started in 1990 with the research work of José Luis Carles. In 2001 Cristina Palmese y José Luis Carles created Paisajesensorial.

Madrid  Soundscape 

BOOK + CD Las Cajas de Uruk, artist’s book. Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid 2005

José Luis Carles – Cristina Palmese 


Sounds are presented to our ears in multiple ways, with different meanings and messages: words, music, noises, each with its codes that produce different feelings and sensations. Sound defines and qualifies time and space, affecting the human being in multiple ways. It has a double capacity to transmit sensations and emotions, together with abstract information linked to the field of language. It informs us about the environment in which it is perceived… 

– Historical Soundscape of    Prado – Retiro site  

Soundscape Prado Retiro Site

Working in progres. Currently collaborating: Miguel Ángel Olmeda and Álvaro Flores

– Madrid Soundscape 

Book+ CD Las Cajas de Uruk, artist’s book. Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Madrid 2005

José Luis Carles -Cristina Palmese 

– Madrid – Nápoles – Componiendo la ciudad 

Audiovisual https://vimeo.com/53932221

– Plaza Multimedial, Cinco plazas de la Comunidad de Madrid